• Using Data to Boost Building Safety Post-Grenfell

    In our lives, it seems we are inundated with a deluge of data. In housing, we have been conscious for some time now of Big Data sets, with software providers enabling landlords to hold millions of lines of data about the residents living in their properties. The level of detail which housing providers can extract from the information which is available at their fingertips and the power from using emerging meta-data trends, can deliver valuable insight.

    I recall Nicholas Paget-Brown, the then leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council, being interviewed on Newsnight post-Grenfell, not having the up to date asset data to hand on properties they were responsible for having sprinklers, for example. He also didn’t seem certain how many tower blocks they managed had the same flammable ACM cladding as was installed at Grenfell. That simply is not acceptable, certainly in terms of the risk to human life, but also in terms of asset management and compliance, which should feed into building safety programmes.

    Layers of detail can be extracted from software to empower housing providers, for example, to help asset managers and compliance officers to assess how many sprinklers they have in their high rises and how often they’ve been activated, how many fire doors they have and do they meet fire safety standards and which type of cladding has been installed on which high rises.

    20th of February 2019
  • Posted Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 by Nicola Brown

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