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At the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, Steve Jobs put another nail in the coffin of the traditional PC by announcing the launch of the iCloud in the Autumn with iOS 5. The purpose of the iCloud is to set your Apple devices free from being tethered to a traditional PC. Content will be synched automatically to the cloud and shared amongst a users Apple devices.

Great concept although I'm sure it's going to cause many a CIO a lot of headaches worrying about how to ensure personal and work related content are separated and obviously data security is going to be a huge concern.

Concerns aside, the march towards us all living and working completely in the cloud continues.

From my point of view this is exciting news as it confirms where I see our market going in the years to come and that application design has got to focus on users working from a range of mobile devices and not always traditional PC's and that delivery of software has to be manageable from the cloud.

Posted Monday, June 13th, 2011 by Peter Luck

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