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ROCC Cooking at Connecting Communities Tournament

ROCC in the guise of Facilities Manager, Alan Gould were recently supporting Albion In The Community (AITC).

See below for a report from the day from Martin Schooley from AITC.

‘The u19 11 aside tournament was the culmination of the Connecting Communities project, which aimed to create cultural understanding between cultures and estates in Brighton. Matches were 30 minutes each. Apart from Halal food - Expertly cooked by Alan (Rocc) and Sarah from the Iranian society, Silicon Wristbands, Kick racism out of Football badges, and T-Shirts were given out to participants. The tournament was attended by West Ham and Southampton community schemes. Over 80 young people attended, and the two Brighton teams (Goonies and Mandem) were managed by Ex Brighton captains Danny Cullip and Guy Butters. Ex Brighton Youth Player Connor Wilkins made a surprise appearance for Pathways. Friendly spirit was maintained throughout.

Pathways' team is made up of Iranian and Iraqi refugees living in Brighton. Southampton and Pathways won trophies for best spirit and fair play awards.’

Posted Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 by Luke Aldrich

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