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Tackling Condensation through Automation

In a recent issue of Housing Management and Maintenance magazine research from Rentokill Property Care was published highlighting the significant damp and condensation problems that affect up to 5.8 million renters in the UK.

The causes of this are varied such as 35% of rented properties surveyed did not have enough natural light and 34% did not have reliable central heating. Worryingly the average landlord can take up to 84 days to rectify any reported damp related issues and this creates not only the obvious risk of damage to the property but more seriously can have adverse effects on resident health.

As with so many challenges facing housing organisations today the solution to this problem comes under the banner of digital transformation through the implementation of automated systems.

8th of July 2019
Posted Monday, July 8th, 2019 by Meeta Patel

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