ROCC has a rich and varied heritage with its origins in the Rediffusion Group in the 1960s.

ROCC came into being in 1984 when Michael Aldrich, then Managing Director, led a management buyout from the BET Group. The name ROCC was an acronym of Rediffusion’s Original Computer Company.

Over the next 16 years ROCC established itself at the forefront of innovative technology, specialising in data capture but also moving into data imaging, application development, online transactional systems such as online shopping, electronic manufacturing and hardware engineering.

 Michael Aldrich and BBC Documentary - Invented in the South East


In 2000, Michael Aldrich retired and his role was taken over by his son, Luke Aldrich. Installing a new and dynamic management team they embarked on a radical re-structure of the business; ROCC moved out of manufacturing, sold its engineering business, bought a number of small specialist technology providers and focused on software and higher end technology solutions.

In 2016 saw another evolution of the business when Luke moved up to be Chairman of the business. The business has continued to be successful and is increasingly focused on the Social Housing market. Chris Potter was appointed Managing Director in January 2016.

Today ROCC is a G- Cloud registered supplier that operates in the Social Housing market and has a range of technology products and support offerings that continue to grow. With well over 30 years experience ROCC is truly one of the longest standing housing technology businesses in the UK.

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