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You have all probably heard the arguments in favour of making your processes electronic, the mythical “paperless office”, but there are some very real benefits to e-procurement, in particular G-Cloud which you might not have previously considered, these include:

  • a reduction in the cost and time required
  • a more transparent process
  • a reduction in paper which is great for the environment

The G-Cloud is a set of straightforward and legally compliant frameworks that enable organisations to buy technology products and services more quickly and efficiently than traditional procurement methods. Because of this it is strongly recommended to all public bodies that are carrying out Information Technology procurements.

I have listed below the top 4 benefits of using G-Cloud which should help your organisation achieve better, more efficient outcomes to the procurement process:

Be efficient and effective

The G-Cloud allows the public sector to buy cloud-based digital services off the shelf and encourages cost-effective and flexible solutions through allowing procurement in a way that encourages an innovative marketplace where SMEs can compete and offer their services directly alongside big companies. G-Cloud has the largest range of suppliers compared to any other framework, it is re-tendered regularly, so contains the latest services and suppliers

Save time and increase innovation

Using G-Cloud takes less time than traditional procurement. Having your records stored electronically makes it easier to submit reusable tenders. Meanwhile, use of templates means paperwork can be filled out more quickly

G-Cloud asks suppliers what they can offer rather than how they can meet a brief encouraging innovation.

Shorten the procurement process, save money

The OJEU tending process takes a long time to complete. Usually the process has two phases PPQ followed by a detailed ITT. With G-Cloud the PQQ phase is unnecessary as all listed supplies are pre-vetted to ensure compliance.  The frameworks are established through an OJEU under the Open Procedure and are fully completely compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations. This means that suppliers have already been through a rigorous process to ensure their credibility and suitability to provide solutions to the public sector. Removing the OJEU process results in a far less arduous and expensive process. Also, because of e-enabled relationships, procurement cycle times speed up. The e-procurement process eliminates unnecessary activities, allowing you to focus on more valuable tasks.

A level playing field to compare suppliers & solutions

The use of templates ensures pricing and solution templates are standard across all suppliers which means it is easy to compare suppliers over marketplace categories. Pricing is transparent and provided up front. G-Cloud uses the“Skills Framework for the Information Age” (SFIA) this provides a clear understanding of standardised, levelled ICT skills so that like for like comparisons can be made

You can talk to suppliers to clarify any aspects

Posted Monday, July 18th, 2016 by Chris Potter

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