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The last year at ROCC has been one of my best ever years working in the IT industry. There have been significant and important changes within the company producing substantial improvements in all areas of the business including customer satisfaction, product development, sales & marketing and engagement with our local community.

It’s been a personally challenging but an incredibly exciting and rewarding time for me and I’m so proud of what our team have achieved over the last year and the support they’ve given me in my new role.

One of our marketing tag lines from years gone by was “The difference between ROCC and its competitors are ROCC people” but never before has this seemed more true. Our team really do stand us apart from our competitors and every single member of the team has been committed to providing the most outstanding levels of service.  This is reflected by the continued support and time investment our long-term strategic partners, suppliers and clients have given us.

Our sales and marketing teams have worked so hard to grow our business this year. Their efforts have ensured we have just come to the end of one of our most successful years ever, all the targets they’ve been set were met and truly exceeded.

Speaking of exceeding targets it doesn’t seem to matter how high we set our service level targets, our support team always seem to smash them. The last year has seen them consistently sit above our response and resolution expectations often achieving 100% success. With such amazing SLA achievement you’d be forgiven for thinking that perhaps our SLA targets are too easy to achieve but this isn’t the case; we have the strictest and most ambitious service level targets for call response and resolution in the entire industry.

The last year has seen us launch our new ROCC Focus predictive analytics and business intelligence solution. It was a huge achievement by the team involved to bring the product from inception to market within a few short months. A significant number of organisations attended our recent series of webinars to learn more about the product.  They saw how powerful predictive analytics can be for housing associations to proactively maintain properties, reduce rent arrears and improve financial performance.

In addition to the launch of ROCC Focus, we’ve taken our market leading property maintenance and repairs management solution out to the cloud this year. Coupled with it are unrivalled technical services that ensure housing organisations can run their businesses without worrying about maintaining their IT, all with the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that their systems are always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

As I write this review I’m extremely proud to announce that we have just been awarded a significant contract to provide a full housing maintenance solution in our cloud environment with 24/7 proactive management and support to one of the country’s largest and most forward thinking housing associations.

Obviously, a year doesn’t go by without our annual product portfolio release and this year our 2k19 range of software has had a significant overhaul to drastically improve the ability for housing associations to manage contractors and subcontractors and to juggle property maintenance tasks between in-house and contracted trade operatives.

The 2k19 release has also seen significant improvements in our mobile work force solution.  We have introduced a range of new features, coupled with a complete rework of the underlying architecture of the application, this has led to it now synching data between remote staff and the back office systems over 10 times faster than our previous version.

Another new initiative this year has been our “Out and About in October” promotion which after such an amazing response from our customer base will be repeated again this coming October. Our out and about promotion was, to put it simply, a huge giveaway of free technical consultancy to our entire user base. Completely free of charge, our customers were able to book one of our business analysts, technical consultants or developers to visit them at their offices and spend a day dealing with anything that would help them improve their business, enhance their solutions or upskill their staff. The ROCC team were literally run off their feet during October but our customers are so supportive, ready to work with us and invest in enhancing their experiences with our system that the whole month was of huge value to everyone involved.

With all of this going on somehow our talented product development team have also managed to be on the brink of completing a brand new stand-alone application for the housing market, this will be a major achievement for them and an extremely exciting new product for our market. I wish I could say more at this time but it will have to wait for another day. Our marketing team wouldn’t be happy with me if I let such fantastic news escape in a blog post.

The next year is going to be another outstanding year I’m sure and although this last year has set a standard for us that will be tough to beat, I am confident that with the team we have and with the ongoing support of our customers and partners we will do even greater things.

Posted Monday, April 1st, 2019 by Peter Luck

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