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Technology is ideally suited to help mitigate risk within the context of social housing. Risk comes in a number of categories in this business sector; it could be operational, financial, legal or even political risk. For example any social housing organisation owes a duty of care to its field workers to inform them of any potential hazards they may come in contact with during their working day. This could be exposure to asbestos in a property or hazardous materials used on a building maintenance job.  Using mobile technologies this risk can be directly and immediately highlighted to the operative on their handheld device before starting the work. Equally protection can be given to the operative’s personal safety by monitoring their location and enabling assistance to be provided quickly if a dangerous situation is incurred or even pro-active management such as advising and scheduling operatives to work in pairs because of a possible risk or an adverse risk assessment of the work

On the back office functions technology can bring a lot to reducing financial risk, pro-actively warning of loss making jobs and contracts and pin pointing the cause of any issues. Ensuring that Key Performance Indicators are properly managed and recorded helps manage the risk to the legal and political targets and ensures customer satisfaction remains high

In summary integrating asset management information to the operational workflow so that everyone involved in the process knows about any potential risks and how to deal with them is a huge benefit in providing good risk management

Posted Friday, July 18th, 2014 by Chris Potter

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