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Making and keeping tenant appointments, whilst ensuring the most efficient use of staff and resources is challenging, regardless of the organisational size. A large organisation has the logistical headache of managing cundreds of jobs per day and a large workforce, whereas a smaller organisation may have fewer appointments and jobs, but they also have much less resource to call on.

Appointment and allocation planning is therefore important for all social housing landlords in order to meet their service level and performance targets. This is exactly where ROCC’s Uniclass Social Housing repairs and maintenance software can help in the following areas:-

  • Intelligent Appointments – Allocate the right person at the right time 

When offering an appointment to a tenant how can you be certain that you will have the appropriately skilled resource to fulfil the work? How ROCC deals with this issue is that our housing repairs software automatically checks existing commitments for the required trade and only offers appointment slots that are within the SLA window when operatives are available.

  •  Customer Notifications – Keep the tenant informed and engaged

Keeping tenants informed is a key factor in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. When an appointment is made, Uniclass Social Housing can automatically send a notification text message to the tenant (and also a reminder) resulting in far fewer ‘no-access’ visits. This saves on wasted journeys reduces the administrative time needed to re-book the appointment.

  •  Automated Allocations - Minimise Travel Time and complete more jobs

Skilled planners will always try to minimise the travel time between jobs for the operatives. Our housing repairs management software assists this process by checking the distance or time from the previous jobs and automatically allocating an operative to minimise travel time. Where a planner wants to manually allocate a job, the system can suggest a list of available operatives with the right skills and rank them in terms of distance or time to the job.

  •  Plan Work – Use resources efficiently and have clear visibility with real time status updates

For a planner to make best use of resources, they need a full picture of the day’s work and how it is unfolding.

There will always be emergency jobs to slot in and unplanned issues such as staff absences. The Uniclass Social Housing Planners Workbench provides a view of each operative’s workload. Job statuses are constantly updated via the operative’s Uniclass Mobile application. Having a clear view of the day’s work and the available resources in calendar and map views, allows the planner to ensure that all appointments are met and any non-appointed work is scheduled in where most convenient. Jobs can be quickly reallocated by simply dragging and dropping the job from one operative to another more suitable operative.

  • Improve Key Performance Indicators – Save money and be more effective

With intelligent appointments, automated allocations, informed customers and planners with a full grasp of the day to day scheduling, our housing repairs management software will help meet those all-important performance measures and allows progress to be monitored in real time. The solution helps towards more first time fixes and fewer missed appointments. Customer service levels can be improved in line with reducing the operational costs.

Posted Monday, June 20th, 2016 by Pete Luck

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