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ROCC Childline Visit

Since January, we’ve been profiling the work of the NSPCC’s 1600 Club in Brighton and Hove. The aim of the 1600 Club is to encourage its corporate members to raise £1,600 for ChildLine. Currently, there are eleven companies in the city that have signed up, with another three about to get on board.

ROCC, a professional services, ITC solutions and consultancy provider, joined the 1600 Club last year and have so far raised more than £1,300. Last month ROCC’s Chief executive, Luke Aldrich, paid a visit to the London ChildLine base near Liverpool Street.

The majority of contacts are about family relationships, bullying and physical abuse, but over the last 12 months the number of young people seeking help from ChildLine about self-harm has soared by more than two-thirds.

Speaking about his visit, Luke said: “We were taken to see but not hear the counselling area (one of a number throughout the UK). They don’t refer to it as a call centre. A counsellor answered all our questions – it takes 55 hours of training to become a counsellor. They work one shift of three to four hours per week and yes it is hard and no you can’t forget some of the things you hear.

“The things that stayed with me from the visit were; the nervous energy of the volunteers; the call spikes after school and on Sunday nights; the sudden rise in self-harming; that family problems were the biggest issue; that bullying is the hardest issue to resolve; and the courage of the volunteers.

“It was very affecting. I went home to my two children as they squabbled about something and resisted the desire to say ‘you don’t know how lucky you are’. But they are and they don’t.

“That is why ROCC is firmly behind the NSPCC’s 1600 Club. It costs £1,600 to train one new counsellor or to answer an additional 400 calls. It’s great that so many companies in Brighton and Hove are getting involved but we want more to sign up. My visit to ChildLine reminded me why we joined and showed me the true value of what we’re trying to achieve.“

To find out more about the NSPCC’s 1600 Club contact Rose Bird, Corporate fundraising manager, on 07917 557 270,

Posted Thursday, April 18th, 2013 by Luke Aldrich

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