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It was my pleasure to be at the 24Housing Diversity conference this year.

The conference heard from a range of expert speakers from the sector about how they are working hard to ensure their organisations are truly representative of the people they serve.

Working for an organisation like ROCC and being in Brighton for the last 20 years it is easy for me to imagine that all organisations are as diverse and equality focused as we are but it is clear that there are so many places where our rich community isn’t truly celebrated and represented.

It was fantastic to hear the housing sector being so open about the issues and challenges faced and listening to some of the great initiatives in place at many housing associations to tackle these challenges head on and to work towards a more diverse future.

Although ROCC are providers of housing technology solutions, we do feel strongly about inclusion and diversity and so we wanted to support the event by attending and exhibiting on the day and it was a pleasure for us to be there showcasing our predictive analytics and forecasting business intelligence solutions. We had so many interesting break out discussions about how predictive forecasting and accurate analytics can help with all manner of challenges within housing organisations.

Well done to everyone at 24Housing for organising the event and especially well done to the speakers on the day for sharing their inspirational stories with us.


Posted Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 by Peter Luck

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