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ROCC staff visit BHT First Base day centre

At the start of December we were pleased to announce formally an innovative corporate partnership between ROCC and BHT First Base, a charity based in the centre of Brighton providing support to assist the homeless and vulnerably housed.

On the 18th December the first ROCC staff visited the BHT First Base day centre on London Road in Brighton. The Finance Manager Katie Bristow and Technical Director Peter Luck from ROCC took along donations of food, toiletries and clothing kindly provided by all the ROCC team.

roccbht1.png roccbht2.png roccbht3.png

Once the donations had been delivered and were being distributed by volunteers, Katie and Peter spent the morning with the BHT First Base Operational Manager Simon Hughes learning how the charity helps its clients with a range of issues from physical and mental health problems to preparing them to return to work.

Commenting Peter Luck said “I’m amazed by the facilities at the day centre and how a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment is being provided to vulnerable people by extremely dedicated volunteers”.

“First Base is a haven for the homeless, providing for basic needs (you wouldn’t believe how much a tube of toothpaste is appreciated) whilst providing the infrastructure to move forward” Katie Bristow said. “I was so impressed with the facilities and staff, the work they are doing is truly amazing”.

The visit coincided with volunteers preparing a full Christmas lunch for its clients and so Katie and Peter got to see first-hand how much work goes into providing a hot meal for some of Brighton’s homeless.
You can find out more about BHT First Base or make a donation to support this worthy charity at their website

Posted Friday, December 19th, 2014 by Luke Aldrich

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