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4G and Uniclass Mobile - The Future of Mobile Working

4g_the_future_of_mobile_working.gifEverything Everywhere - the company behind Orange and T-Mobile - along with BT Wholesale announced in January that they were extending their trial of 4G LTE in Cornwall until the end of June. 4G is the next generation of mobile infrastructure and will bring with it much faster speeds, better coverage and cheaper charges for usage. Peak download speeds for 4G LTE are as high as 1 Gbit/s when standing still, or 100 Mbit/s when moving. By contrast 3G networks offer speeds of just 200 kbit/s.

4G isn't just about speed however. It will be the answer to the issues that rural areas have with getting connected to the internet and is currently being used in Cornwall by 180 trial customers in a similar way to WiFi.

The ROCC Uniclass Mobile application is a thin client mobile worker solution that provides our clients with the flexibility of using any mobile device, no cost deployment to workers and total ease of use for any level of worker.

Uniclass Mobile has been specifically designed to load quickly and perform exceptionally well over the existing 3G infrastrcuture and provides local offline storage for when connection to the internet is a problem. The move towards 4G will further strengthen the benefits of choosing a web based mobile solution.

The Uniclass Mobile solution is suitable for both Social Housing Software and Waste Management Systems.

Posted Sunday, February 5th, 2012 by Peter Luck

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