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An Important Step to a Transparent Service

As promised to our user group in November, I'm pleased to announce our new helpdesk system has gone live today. The helpdesk team and especially the helpdesk manager Lesley Homer have done a great job in the last few weeks getting us ready. The new system will give us better control of all our customer's outstanding issues and enable us to easily carry out trend analysis and spot patterns.

An important step in my transparent service vision is the triggering of updates automatically to the customer on the change of status of outstanding support calls. Our customers will immediately begin seeing the benefits of this as soon as they log a new call with us from today.

The next step is our online self service portal where our customers will be able to monitor their calls through our helpdesk and see exactly what's happening. In addition they will be able to log calls online and see outstanding call reports.

Step 3 of the new system will be the populating of our new knowledge base which will be able to act both as a tool for our staff to aid in faster turn around of issues but also to be available to our customers via the portal.

Posted Monday, December 20th, 2010 by Peter Luck

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