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In some ways it feels like we’ve been working on Uniclass Focus for forever, but in others it feels like it’s flown by and I can’t believe that it’s time to launch the project! This is the first time that Matt and I have worked on project together and it has been very different from our usual SQL Server Reporting Services work, but it has been a welcome challenge for us both. I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to help develop some of ROCC’s cutting edge business intelligence technologies while improving my own knowledge and skillset in the process.

Uniclass Focus is a major change to the Uniclass Repairs and Maintenance software, as for the first time we are providing dynamic charts and table, as well as bringing Predictive Analytics to the software. The core impact of predictive analytics is to ask the question, “What will most likely happen with this, and what can we do it improve the outcome?” and this seemed like an impossible question many months ago, but with existing customer input, our knowledge of the data and a new analytical algorithm we can been able to create an “out of the box” suite of charts, tables and Predictive Analytical Models which bring the future of Uniclass Reporting to the front and center of the software.

The 'out the box' machine learning models we have developed for Uniclass Focus began from customer feedback and brainstorming session many months ago. Its purpose was to stimulate idea generation to develop a first rate programme featuring information our customers need in order to monitor and maintain their systems, while also allowing ROCC to predict customers' needs for them. Our brainstorming took place over multiple sessions, providing everyone at ROCC with the opportunity to actively engage in development while maintaining an atmosphere of creativity. We have taken the ideas, knowledge and experience we have as a team and put this into Uniclass Focus, aiming to give our customers the best tools to plan for the future.

Uniclass Focus is simple to deploy on any server and once configured to explore and extract historical data from the system, we can very quickly determine patterns and look for any trends in the data to assist in predicting the future outcomes and suggest actions for optimal outcomes. One of the benefits of Uniclass Focus is that this software is not tied down to the Uniclass data. This application can essentially be pointed at any datasource (be it financial, property, payroll or scheduling) and can then be used to compare different data sets in real-time. This allows the Reporting and the Predictive Analytics side of Uniclass Focus to work through the entire business and not just limit the new features to the Uniclass software.

It has been incredibly interesting working with Uniclass Focus over the duration of the project and I can’t wait to see what we can create together, working with customers, to help not only view the present but to help predict the future.

Posted Monday, November 26th, 2018 by Scott Pringle

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