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Improving Work Planning with Enhanced Scheduling

Smaller housing associations may have concerns over moving their workforce scheduling to a dynamic solution.  These concerns could be about costs or losing control of the resident facing call centre team if they went down the full dynamic scheduling route.

Our Uniclass Social Housing system is an out of the box alternative for smaller organisations wanting to improve and enhance their work planning and workforce scheduling but not wanting to implement automated dynamic scheduling.

The Uniclass 2K17 system for social housing includes an enhanced planning and scheduling tool that will enable call centre operatives to schedule direct with the resident there and then an appointment that works best for the tenant but that also considers the most optimum operative to carry out the work based on skills and expected travel.

The whole process of scheduling an appointment is simplified and streamlined. The resident calling in to the call centre is given an immediate response to that question  “When can you come and fix this?”

Call centre staff are led through the creation of a job using the simple Uniclass graphical diagnostics tool to a point in seconds where the job is created, priorities are set and key performance expectations captured in the system. The call centre team member can then immediately offer the resident an appointment based on a restricted set of appointments which the system has deemed most suitable based on operative availability with the right skills and nearest location to reduce travel time and fuel usage. If for any reason the resident is unable to make any of the suggested optimum appointments, the call centre operative can then request further options from the Uniclass software.

All this happens in seconds and a resident can finish their phone call with the housing association with the correct job raised and given the right priority and a confirmed appointment date and time so they know exactly when their issue will be repaired.

Housing associations can feel confident that their tenant has received an outstanding service while ensuring they are reducing unnecessary travel, minimising their carbon footprint and completing the most number of jobs per operative per day.

Posted Monday, April 24th, 2017 by Pete Luck

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