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My Predictions for this Year

2014 is going to be a big year for everyone involved in IT. I could mention some potential huge leaps forward that we’re likely to make such as Smart Cities, Self Drive Cars and the ramping up of the next gen gaming / media systems with the introductions of various Steam systems and the Occulus Rift. However, I thought I would stay a bit closer to home and keep relevant to technology and innovations that are related to ROCC in some way and just picked out a few predictions for 2014 that I’m most looking forward to.

Customer Service becomes Social

Social media (Facebook, Twitter and the like) have always been the realms of marketing departments but 2014 is going to see a shift that will see the customer services teams in organisations taking social media on and using it as the powerful collaboration tool that it can be.

Social support brings with it a set of challenges that more traditional companies are going to struggle with (such as communication requiring instant action and feedback / criticism being on display to the world). I could actually write an entire article alone on the SLA’s needed for social support, and I probably will at some point but this is a brief post and so I’ll just say that 2014 will see an increase in the number of companies engaging with their customers via social media and we’ll see an improvement in service levels being demanded by customers.

During 2013 I’ve seen a lot of companies jump into social support without properly thinking it through and this can be disastrous. At ROCC we’re not going to make the mistake of damaging our outstanding levels of customer service by poorly rolling out a social strategy. We’ve already been investing a lot of time into working out the best social service strategy for our company but more importantly what’s going to work best for our customers. Watch this space!

Internet Assistants (your new best friend)

Most of us have seen or used Siri on Apple devices and I’m sure everyone has seen the Amazon “Mayday” adverts. Well we’re going to see a lot more of this (and wonder how we ever got by without them). Internet assistants or virtual assistants are going to be more prevalent in devices and software systems in 2014. Consumers like the ability to self-help but to be able to plug into a real person at the touch of a button when you need it is a very powerful service tool. We’ve already seen live chats on websites for many years but these are nearly always sales focused but, as with social media the shift will move more towards providing service focused helpful assistants that are simply there to help the user and provide outstanding customer service.

Wearable Tech

Google Glass, Samsung Watches, Smart Wristbands … they are all going to be making much more of an impact as they become more widely available. There will also be many more leaps forward in the types of wearable technology available. I’m sure that by the end of 2014 you’ll be able to watch the TV while reading the news with your Smart Contact Lenses and getting alerts from your baby’s smart baby grow that they have just wet the bed then running to the cupboard so that it can notify you that you’re all out of nappies!

There is so much wearable tech on the horizon it’s difficult to predict exactly what is going to take off and what will fall into the same box of obscurity as the Sinclair C5 did but one way or another wearable tech will probably find its way into your life.

From a ROCC perspective, wearable tech is extremely exciting. Our cross platform mobile solution is ideally suited for porting to wearable devices so I’m looking forward to our first watch based rollout of Uniclass Mobile sometime in the future.

Enhancements to the ROCC

Product Set We’re planning some interesting enhancements to our Uniclass product set in 2014. At this stage we are still carrying out investigation before moving onto concept proofing so nothing is concrete yet but certainly exciting. At this point I’m going to keep to 4 bullet points on this but if any of our customers want to get in touch to discuss further I’m always happy to talk:

  • Enhanced Java Based Business Intelligence
  • Social Integration
  • Voice interaction
  • Augmented reality

As with everything we do at ROCC, we’re always look at ways to innovate and improve and so 2014 looks set to be an interesting year!.

Posted Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 by Peter Luck

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