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Exciting New Partnership between ROCC and Purrmetrix

I’m extremely pleased to announce a new partnership between ROCC and Purrmetrix.

The partnership provides the first in a series of smart home technology solutions from ROCC by harnessing detailed environmental and conditional monitoring from the Purrmetrix system that uses high quality but low cost sensors to drive powerful analytics.

Simple to use, Purrmetrix sensors and can easily be retrofitted into existing social housing properties to provide high resolution insight into the performance of those buildings.

Getting a better picture of the real time environment not only helps allocate responsive repairs where they are most needed, but also lets RSLs get a better picture of which housing stock needs upgrades.

By partnering with Purrmetrix ROCC have developed a fully integrated environmental alerting system that automatically report temperature, humidity or CO2 issues with social properties to the ROCC back office housing maintenance and repairs system. The system can then be configured to automatically raise and prioritise these issues enabling complete hands off passing to mobile field service operatives to attend and resolve the issue.

I’ve been speaking at many housing conferences and exhibitions over the last year and letting housing associations know how they can harness this kind of technology to further streamline their operations and improve their service and it’s really exciting to have Purrmetrix on board as a key part in our wider smart home strategy.

More information about Purrmetrix can be found on their website at

Posted Thursday, July 5th, 2018 by Pete Luck

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