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With October now behind us we are drawing to the conclusion of our first ‘Out and About in October’ campaign.

We offered our Uniclass Housing clients free onsite consultancy to cover any topics they wanted to discuss or needed help with.

We expected to be busy but even we were shocked by the overwhelmingly positive response with a huge number of our clients taking us up on our offer and asking our technical consultants to pay them a visit.

Our technical consultants spent the whole of the month (and even some of the first few days of November) travelling all over the country and providing technical consultancy on an enormous variety of topics including:

  •          Cyclical and Planned Maintenance Schedule
  •          Dynamic Scheduling
  •          Managing Multi Skilled Operatives
  •          Fault Diagnostic Design
  •          Automated Supply Chain Integration
  •          Business Intelligence and Management Reporting
  •          Invoicing

The campaign for our customers has obviously been of benefit as they have received free onsite technical consultancy, advice and training but the rewards for our technical and product development teams have been outstanding as we’ve not only learnt a lot about the challenges our customers face but we’ve also brought back valuable suggestions and ideas direct from the end users to how we can improve our systems and make their lives easier.

I’m really proud of our team in Brighton. They’ve worked so unbelievingly hard in October to fit in all these visits and have brought back many follow up questions and improvements that they’re continuing to work on.

I’d also like to express my thanks to our customers who have been so welcoming and hospitable to the team and have been so forthcoming with ways we can improve and provide even better systems to housing organisations.

I can certainly see this being a repeated next year and becoming another important part of our already outstanding customer service portfolio.

Posted Friday, November 9th, 2018 by Peter Luck

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