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The ROCC Approach to Project Management

Our implementation methodology uses proven, comprehensive and flexible techniques developed over many years of implementing housing and technology solutions to both public and private sector organisations and of varying sizes from SME size rollouts to Enterprise scale deployments.



All our project staff are Prince2 qualified and have taken the best of both formal, traditional project management techniques and modern agile practices to design our own implementation solution that internally we dub Prince2.ROCC.

 “The ROCC team has been very supportive and flexible throughout the implementation of the system … “ Steve Gray, Head of Finance and Support Services at Wandsworth Borough Council


The ROCC project implementation approach provides all the structure needed to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget and that all expected deliverables and business benefits are met but we do so in a way that ensures we do not overburden our clients with unnecessary meetings or paperwork.


Partnership Implementations

At the beginning of each project we “kick off” by ensuring our approach is completely tailored to match the clients needs from budget to expertise and we put together a project team that includes all necessary staff from ROCC and our client to make sure the project goals are reached in the most efficient way.

We fully integrate our project team with our clients so that the feeling is very much one of a single team with a shared vision and clearly understood objectives.

 "It was very much a partnership project. The project team had members of the ROCC team, Aster Property Management and Aster Group IT. ROCC approached the project from the point of view of working with us rather than telling us what was going to happen and when …” Roy Thompson, IT Director at Aster Group


 Making Technology Work

As a housing technology company we know how to make technology truly work and to leverage it to provide the best possible service to our clients without introducing tools simply for the sake of using IT. Sometimes a pen and paper or a face to face meeting is the best approach but where necessary we use technology to streamline the project management process and to focus the project team on the critical tasks of hitting targets and meeting objectives.

We will always make use of online collaborative tools such as Sharepoint and Jira to provide real time tracking of project status and instant team wide communication of issues or risks.

Clients can be given full access to ROCC internal bug tracking and support systems during an implementation so that our processes are always completely transparent to give the client total confidence that any issues will be resolved on time.


Never Failed Track Record

Our project teams have implemented over 200 successful projects that have ranged from complex but rapid cutting edge technology rollouts to large scale enterprise business system deployments. We have never failed and all projects we have undertaken have been seen through to successful completion.


Long Term Commitment

Although we can provide rapid implementations of our software and housing technology solutions within a matter of weeks if necessary, we never focus solely on the short term. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service at all times and having long standing relationships with our clients. Some of our clients have been with us for over 25 years and it is our continuous commitment to partnered working and focus on trying to exceed client expectations at all times that guarantees our clients a long and beneficial relationship with us.

“At ROCC we are very proud of our commitment to our clients. We approach each new implementation project not as the start of a project but with a mindset that this is the start of a long term partnership and is an opportunity for our project team to introduce to the client the outstanding service they can expect to receive throughout their relationship with ROCC” Peter Luck, ROCC Technical Director.


Our project management approach is just one of the many reasons why our Experience is The Difference.

Posted Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 by Pete Luck

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