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I’m extremely pleased to announce a new partnership between ROCC and Infomill. The partnership enables field service engineers, using the popular Uniclass Mobile application to access detailed boiler manuals and parts data.

The easy to use solution allows field service workers attending appointments to repair or maintain heating systems at social housing properties to gain access to manufacturer approved technical information direct from their mobile device.

Infomill are a great company to work with and their values are closely aligned to ROCC’s core values. We’ve quickly gone from an initial meeting of minds to releasing production software in a matter of weeks.

The mobile solution is fantastic and can really help field service workers diagnose and resolve issues with heating systems but we’re not sitting still with this. We’re already onto the next step of our relationship which will provide our clients with a fully integrated Uniclass / PartsArena solution for back office workers as well as mobile operatives.

This will truly ensure that detailed technical information is accessible to workers who need it, whenever they need it and wherever they are.

For more information on Infomill and PartsArena please visit

Posted Monday, February 26th, 2018 by Pete Luck

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