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As we approach the next decade, technology will be even more so at the forefront of social landlord’s thinking when developing sustainable new homes as well as maintaining their existing stock.

ROCC joined seventeen of the biggest housing associations at the Homes For the North Conference last week, with providers coming together to tackle the housing crisis across the North of England. Homes For the North’s mission is to collectively build more than 70,000 new homes over the next few years.

Technology is central to these new developments. Lord Bob Kerslake Chairs the UK2070 Commission, which reviews the long-term sustainability of housing as part of city and regional development. At the Conference, Lord Kerslake called for a digital revolution, in terms of technological infrastructure for new developments across the country, with the aim of making homes fit-for-the-future.

Also speaking at Homes For the North, Chair Carol Matthews, CEO of Riverside, said: “Of course this is about rebalancing the North and rebalancing the economy across the North, as opposed to money going to the South, as well as collaboration.’ That’s what leading housing technology provider ROCC does; ROCC partners with social landlords and Councils up and down the country to deliver the best tailor-made technological solutions, whether that’s in terms of optimising the scheduling of repairs and the cost of that work, using temperature sensors in homes to automatically raise maintenance jobs or deploying Artificial Intelligence software to empower landlords to access their data, enabling them to predict potential issues they may face in the future.

Housing providers must consider the challenges of climate change when providing energy efficient sustainable new homes. Norwich City Council recently became the first provider of social housing to win the coveted Stirling Prize from the Royal Institute of British Architects for their Passivhaus low energy solution at Goldsmith Street, which cuts heating bills for residents by more than 70 per cent. Greater Manchester Combined Authority Portfolio Holder for Housing & Homelessness Paul Dennett, highlighted the importance of technology at the Homes For the North Conference, adding: ‘By 2028, we are looking to deliver net Zero Carbon Homes and are examining the future of energy, looking at the digital infrastructure we now need.’ ROCC has developed an innovative partnership with Cambridge based monitoring company Purrmetrix, enabling ROCC’s repairs and maintenance system, via the use of temperature sensors, to automatically raise maintenance jobs, should water temperatures in properties fall within certain levels.

New modern methods of modular construction were also discussed at Homes For The North, which will provide Smart Homes encompassing the latest Internet of Things technology of the future. ROCC has developed its Focus solution, which combines predictive analytics data to provide business intelligence to tackle future potential problems. Focus uses AI learning software which enables landlords to understand what is likely to happen in the future and how likely impacts can be addressed for the good of customers.  

Although social landlords are at different stages of their digital transformation journeys, ROCC continues in its mission to be at the forefront of the next generation of new innovative solutions, with the aim of enhancing customer’s lives in their homes in the future.

Posted Thursday, November 14th, 2019 by Meeta Patel

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