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Continuing to Grow our Team to Improve Services

Aswell as continuing to win new contracts, at ROCC we are also striving to improve our levels of service and performance.

I'm really pleased to announce that we have strengthened both our customer service and project implementation teams by bring on board three new members of staff in the last few weeks,.

Firstly, to further improve our customer service we have Scott Pringle and Toby Slaughter who many of our customers will have already dealt with when calling in to our helpdesk recently. Scott and Toby are dedcated customer service professionals who will be ensuring our 100% customer satisfaction rating on the helpdesk is maintained.

Secondly Sue Fisher has joined the team as a dedicated senior project manager. Sue has a wealth of experience working in large organisations and dealing with complex projects. As with our customer service, we are always looking at ways to improve our software implementation projects and Sue's experience and knowledge will bring, I'm sure many benefits to both the ROCC team and our customers.

Posted Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 by Pete Luck

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