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ROCC Service - A Changing World

November 23rd saw the new format ROCC Uniclass User Networking Event (bit of a mouthful that one ... perhaps we should call it R.U.U.N.E ... or maybe not) held in Birmingham at The Studio. The day was a great way for us to let our customers know what is going on with ROCC as a company and the products and services we provide.

I was excited to be able to announce some of the new initiatives we're currently trialling to help us provide a more transparent and proactive level of customer service.

These initiatives include:

  • Proactive Support Service
  • Monthly Customer Focus
  • Performance Assessment Visits

In addition I was pleased to let everyone know our new helpdesk system would be going live on December 20th. The new system is going to enable us, in the new year to provide online call logging and reporting to our customers.

All this was received really well by our customers.

I'd like to say thanks to the customers who attended my afternoon service improvement workshop. Some good feedback and ideas were discussed and I've got a whole host of issues to look into. In fact those of you who fed back to me regarding documentation and release notes, you'll be pleased to know we had an internal service review on Friday and I'm putting together a team to look at ways we can improve this.

    Posted Thursday, November 25th, 2010 by Peter Luck

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