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Time to Move to Windows 2012

MS Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 support for all editions finally ended back in the summer. The mainstream support ended way back in 2010 but many organisations have been reluctant to move on and have relied on the extended support which finally ran out in July of this year.

There are still many organisations out there that are heavily reliant on Windows 2003 and the move away from it could be traumatic and problematic, especially if LOB systems and business critical applications have been slow to port to the later versions of the Microsoft operating system, indeed recent studies show that up to a fifth of all servers out there are still running Windows 2003 today.

For ROCC customers both of our software and our IT services, the move away from Windows 2003 should not be seen as a problem or a challenge but as an opportunity to make use of some of the new features of Server 2012. All of ROCC’s Uniclass products have been fully tested and certified by us against not only Windows Server 2012 but also SQL Server 2014.

Our technology consultants and support staff are able to help and advise our clients on the move away from 2003 and how the features of Windows Server 2012 can help their business.

Posted Sunday, October 25th, 2015 by Pete Luck

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