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Work Flows Lead to Better Service and Business Performance

I’m so pleased to see the take up amongst our clients of our powerful new workflow feature in the 2K17 release of our Uniclass Social Housing software.

We implemented workflow into our social housing software in autumn of 2016 as part of our annual major release of new and improved features for our clients. Uniclass 2K17 comes with two pre-packaged and off the shelf workflows for housing organisations to provide proactive information to aid both staff and housing repairs job performance.

These packaged workflows give our clients instant and real time windows on how their operatives are performing. For example whether there are any operatives currently or potentially working at risk, operatives currently waiting for materials, incoming complaints and queries from tenants and responsive work that requires immediate planning and action.

The true power of how our workflows can change an organisations performance is seen when our clients engage with us to build custom workflows that are exactly matched to the specific needs and challenges of their organisation.

Our workflows can be customised at organisation, department, role and user level to provide exactly the proactive information needed throughout the organisation to improve all aspects of the service. Users can be told by the system what they need to do next, what is awaiting their attention, who is waiting for them to action a task and how they and their team are currently performing.

ROCC consultants work on site, face to face with all users of the systems to gather their requirements, discuss their challenges and determine their goals for improving performance.

We then work with the client to design a set of custom workflows to exactly meet the needs of all their users and to provide the proactive information to push forward improvements in service quality and efficiency.

Any organisations wishing to discuss their challenges and to see how my team can help with the creation of custom workflows for housing repairs please get in touch.

Posted Monday, May 1st, 2017 by Pete Luck

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