To reduce the total cost of ownership of your IT infrastructure and support your Remote offices, mobile workers & Bring Your Own Device opportunities ROCC’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) delivers all your desktop services and data direct from either your on premise virtual servers or ROCC secure cloud, enabling your workforce to access business application anywhere at any time.


  • Simplify the management of IT; provision users in seconds, configure hand held devices and control file permissions
  • Work from anywhere.  Free yourself and your staff with real anywhere access.  Connect to your corporate desktop, business applications and company data using any device anywhere in the world.
  • Agile and responsive.  Hosted Virtual Desktop can be scaled up or down as required – removes the headache of changing head counts and office moves while smoothing growth and expansion.
  • Remove risk and increase security.  Ensure business continuity by removing data from local hard drive and securing it in our secure data centres where it’s backed up daily and replicated to a geographically distinct location.
  • Unified workspace and great user experience.  Access your desktop from any device.  No specialised training is required.

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