ROCC Launch Uniclass Tenant Portal

The Uniclass Tenant Portal from ROCC will enable housing associations to offer their tenants a full online repair logging and enquiry system. Over 90% of housing associations offer some form of online repair request reporting to tenants however the majority of these limit the tenant to filling out an online form and provide no interactive feedback to the tenant.
Benefits of the Uniclass Tenant Portal include:

  • Quick online setup and full customisation for housing associations with no software installation required
  • Cross device, cross browser compatibility allowing tenants to log repairs from their laptops, PC’s or smartphones.
  • Allow tenants to raise repair requests, query outstanding repairs and request appointments
  • Immediate feedback to the tenant on the screen and follow up confirmation via email and text message
  • Full integration to back office systems


Designed for Everyone
The Uniclass Tenant Portal has been designed and developed to ensure it is accessible to all tenants. The simple to use web application can be integrated into existing housing association websites and customised to ensure it is familiar to tenants. The tenant portal translates on screen to 54 languages, supports resizable text for sight impaired users, has an intuitive design with context senstive help and is viewable across all web browsers and devices.


To find out more about the ROCC Uniclass Tenant Portal please contact us on 01273 274716 or email

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