We are proud to announce that ROCC 2k20 has been released to the housing market.

2k20 is the latest version of our entire housing technology suite of products that incorporates:

  • ROCC Core – our comprehensive, best of breed housing maintenance solution that enables organisations to improve the end to end processing of planned, cyclical and responsive property maintenance.
  • ROCC Diagnose – our simple to use and intuitive issue reporting graphical toolset that enables anyone from anywhere to report a problem, book and amend appointments and query outstanding works.
  • ROCC Mobile – our solution for field service workers needed to carry out inspections, planned maintenance, responsive repairs and surveys in a fully offline enabled and device agnostic application.
  • ROCC Contractor Portal – our real time contractor management application to enable complete visibility of works needing specialist contractor support.
  • ROCC Media – our complete document, image and video storage application that enables organisations to share important information between from disparate systems.
  • ROCC Focus – our business intelligence and predictive analytics platform specifically designed and developed for housing associations needing better information and the ability to forecast when problems may occur.

2k20 shows our continued commitment to providing the best housing maintenance solutions to the market and has been a year in the making with numerous improvements driven by our client base across our entire product set.

For more information and to arrange a demonstration or an upgrade please contact your ROCC customer success manager or our marketing department on 01273 274716, innovations@rocc.co.uk

Posted: 13th of November 2019


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