The property system will launch the local authority into the digital age providing tenants and staff with a user friendly interface to simplify the repairs and maintenance process. 

The local authority has over 20,000 properties and outsources all housing repairs and maintenance services to contractors.  They currently use a legacy repairs and maintenance system and want to introduce a fresh future proof repairs application that will support their digital transformation programme. The project will:

  • Deliver a new graphical diagnostics tool that will simplify the repairs reporting process for both tenants and the helpdesk.

    o   Tenants will be able to quickly diagnose a repairs request and turn it into a job with the correct information to ensure it is scheduled and completed during the first visit to the property.

    o   The helpdesk will be able to see advice notes, on screen prompts and even instructional videos against repairs diagnostics to help ensure jobs are raised quickly and correctly.

  • Deliver a document storage and retrieval portal that enables access to content such as video, photographs and documents stored in a range of databases.  This ensures that all users, such as helpdesk staff have access to all relevant documents.

  • Automate the checking of contractor statutory safety certificates, allowing helpdesk staff to prompt contractors to complete them if necessary and give the correct options if a certificate is disputed.

“I’m so excited for everyone involved in this project. It’s a great win for the ROCC team and it will make a huge difference to the customers’ business operations. It’s a complex project against a tight timescale but as always I’ve got 100% confidence that our team will deliver on time and exceed expectations”- Peter Luck, Director of Operations at ROCC

Posted: 23rd of October 2019


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