Large scale contractor Axis repairs 400,000 homes with ROCC solution. The ROCC solution is helping one of social housing’s largest contractors, Axis Europe, drive down costs and improve its repairs delivery across 400,000 homes.  

Axis Europe is a private contractor with 850 staff, 10 offices and a turnover of £150m. Its team of skilled operatives provides 24-hour repair and maintenance services to Axis’ multiple housing association and local authority contracts across the UK.

Around  450,000 repairs are raised every year  via Axis’ clients, which means it’s vital the company has a unified system that is capable of processing and managing the number of jobs and orders that are continually raised, as well as the vast amount of data this entails.

To move the business and its growth forward, Axis recognised that a more comprehensive system was required that also met with the modern needs of its clients, tenants and operatives too. Through staff engagement, Axis communicated the benefits of PDAs replacing paper to its repairs operatives. The company chose to implement the ROCC solution in 2009, after it had outgrown its previous system.

Neil Betton, Director of Digital and IT at Axis, said: “Lots of our long lasting relationships have been built on transparency and that’s something that the ROCC solution allows. With access to the Uniclass system, our customers can see true costs and job status. This has helped us build a unique level of trust, which has encouraged our expansion. Throughout our partnership with ROCC, they’ve always made people available, at a high level, whether it’s Nicola Brown, Peter Luck or Chris Potter."

Nicola Brown, ROCC Sales Director, added: “Working with Axis, one of our largest clients, has proved a fantastic partnership over the past seven years. It’s great to know that our solution has encouraged the company’s growth and expansion through scalability.”

One ROCC across multiple contracts

Through its property services, Axis Europe runs a large scale repairs operation that spans multiple locations and multiple customers. Its size provided an additional, but welcomed, challenge to ROCC.

Mark Oscroft, Systems Manager, Digital & IT at Axis, explained: “As a larger company, of course there are new challenges and different processes. However, ROCC adapted to our size very quickly – it’s a great fit.”

As a private contractor with multiple customers, Axis feared the complexities involved in installing a new system would affect its service, efficiency and business overall. However, ROCC was able to provide a software solution that can cater to multiple clients.

Mark said “The ROCC system allows us to take different client information and translate it to an Axis standard to allow standard reporting across all contracts.  This translation layer also allows Axis to configure some client requests for interface changes without the need for extra development, reducing costs and timescales.  When new customers have software that we currently integrate with the ROCC turnaround and costs are vastly reduced as they are able make use of previous developments."

As well as supporting Axis’ growth and encouraging new partnerships, the ROCC solution offers benefits to its existing customers. With ROCC, Axis customers have access to Uniclass, which means job costing and reports are visible to them too.

Mark explained that: “The access for our customers is something that ROCC provide. Not only is the system helping us, but our customers too. This is another feature that supports us in adding new contracts.”

A partnership approach

As a large private company, Axis is always looking for ways to modernise and remain successful in the modern, evolving market. Potential improvements are always being considered and ROCC staff have assisted Axis as it changes.

Mark said: “Anything we ask of ROCC, it delivers. Most recently, this has included many interface changes to fit with new processes. ROCC supported us in creating a new commercial screen that is designed to show if a job or jobs are commercially viable. It’s great to know that if we have an idea for developing as a business or attracting new clients, they can be realised.”

Highlighting the key benefits of ROCC to Axis, Mark said: “The software has most definitely boosted the efficiency of our repairs service. Less time is now wasted thanks to better scheduling and our operatives being equipped with PDAs. Less time being wasted means less money is too.

For me personally, and for Axis as a large company, it’s great to have one point of contact at ROCC. We know where to go if something is needed.”

In terms of our clients, we’ve had a lot of great feedback. The experiences of tenants has improved more efficient and guaranteed appointments, with specific times being allocated through the system. This means tenants aren’t waiting around at home unnecessarily. It’s been great to hear that tenants are happier. "



Posted: 30th of January 2017


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