Many small social housing organisations have been struggling to source a repairs software solution that is able to deliver the key benefits of an enterprise system for an affordable price.

Typically, they are looking to fulfil their key business objectives to improve efficiency and provide digital inclusion by introducing technology such as repair diagnostics, citizen web portals, mobile working and other back office functions.

They want a system that is not only quick to implement and intuitive to use but also doesn’t need an army of specialist IT staff to get up and running and start realising the benefits.

The system must have plug and play connectivity with other corporate systems to enable trouble free integration and allow for automated data transfer.

Lastly, it must be affordable and easy to procure, usually on a monthly subscription module without going through a tender process.

For the last few years ROCC have been working to resolve these issues and want to engage with smaller housing associations to work with them to realise this vision.

If you would like to contribute to this please email us at or give us a call on 01273 274716.






Posted: 18th of May 2017


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