ROCC, the leading Housing repairs and technology provider has been approved as a GCloud 10 supplier by the UK Government.

Uniclass Social Housing software supports landlords with the tools to improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of housing repairs and maintenance. ROCC have been leading technological advances in housing for over 30 years.

We are a flexible and agile company who always put our customers first and harness technology and everything we do is driven by our desire to improve the lives of our customers, our staff and our wider community. We have an unrivalled pedigree of providing technology solutions to some of the largest and most forward thinking housing organisations and providers of housing services.

ROCC are an approved G-Cloud supplier. ROCC housing products and services can be procured using the G-Cloud government Digital Marketplace. A well as other benefits this means there is no requirement for an OJEU, ITT or contract negotiation

ROCC’s terms, prices and services are provided up front and can be easily compared with other suppliers registered. G-Cloud is quick and cheap to use and electronic paperwork is streamlined and therefore made easier to check for errors.

See ROCC’s G-Cloud listing

Posted: 19th of July 2018


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