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The market’s interest in ROCC’s new social housing repairs system has been extremely positive and ROCC are delighted to have won two major OJEC contract awards within the last month ROCC Director Chris Potter explains ‘It is an exciting time for us and the market has really taken to the new product. We are hopeful of announcing new product and commercial developments soon.’

The new housing repairs system from ROCC fundamentally changes the approach to providing an IT solution to streamline and help manage the housing repairs process. Instead of concentrating on the outcomes associated with the management of the organisation the solution focuses on the user experience (UX) and what makes it easier, quicker and more effective for them to do their job ROCC’s operations director, Chris Potter ’

In some instances the user is a back office or field based worker in other situations the user is the tenant or citizen who is engaging with the organisation through a self service web portal or mobile application.

By satisfying the needs of the individual user using UX design the benefits are achieved at grass roots and the efficiencies filter upwards through the organisation in an almost viral fashion. The rest follows; increased productivity, reduced overheads and responsive management information.

The key is innovation; customers are under pressure to provide better services whilst under enormous financial pressure this means suppliers must think outside the box in order to provide effective solutions. Shared data, standard API’s and flexible, well designed applications which allow horizontal growth through the organisation are all standard components of the solution.

Business processes then need to defined and refined offline prior to mapping these to the application and at same time encapsulating the central piece in the whole play, the User. Time needs to be taken to see how they interact, what is important to them and generally how the solution can improve their lives and make it easier for them to do their jobs.

The ROCC solution contains all these elements; robust and flexible back office modules like resource management and job costing, client facing elements such as online Tenant and Sub-contractor portals and new generation mobile enabling smarter ways of working.

Posted: 5th of February 2015


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