We have an exciting new opportunity coming up! At ROCC we’re always continuing to invest time and money in what the next big thing may be that could help our partners achieve improve housing maintenance and repairs services, lowering costs and delighting customers.

Our recent ROCC Focus predictive analytics and forecasting module is a great example of a successful R&D project from just over 2 years ago that has turned into a real product available to add on to the ROCC Core system.

An exciting R&D project that we have already invested many months of work into is our ROCC Connect home hub solution. This is where we are wanting to enable housing customers to report repairs, book or change appointments and query on the status of their issue via their home hub devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

To take this further at this time we’re keen to talk to anyone who may be interested in working with us to run a proof of concept trial with their customers or to at least engage with us to talk about their needs or vision of how this technology could be adopted to improve customer service. Get in touch with us now to find out more!

Posted: 25th of September 2020


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