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Moving to the cloud can play a big part in accelerating your digital transformation programme, enabling you to harness a new suite of opportunities that can help elevate your people and processes. Cloud based systems also offer the huge advantage of providing easy to implement ‘Disaster Recovery’ plans that surprisingly most housing associations still do not have.

Recently ROCC migrated a large housing association into the cloud. The housing association had recently gone through a merger and they needed to unify their repairs and maintenance processes across the new organisation. 

A key driver for the merger was to deliver operating efficiencies, increase financial strength and resilience, ultimately enabling the housing association to increase its development capacity. The delivery of integrated, future capable IT systems in the cloud has enabled the delivery of these efficiencies and ensure that job and financial information is produced in both a timely and consistent manner.

Consolidating systems into the cloud has delivered a stronger organisation that has a unified solution for repairs reporting and provides a single accessible source for all job and financial information.  

Increased Efficiency

They will increase operational efficiency especially relating to technology and costs.  With the right governance and cost management procedures in place, the housing association will have the opportunity to be more cost-efficient, optimising their cloud spend and avoiding wastage. 

Enable Scalable Growth

A key benefit of moving to the cloud is the ability to enable fast growth at scale.  The housing association will be able to scale up their system easily and as required ensuring optimum application performance and efficiency with high reliability irrespective of the scale.  All this will be at a lower cost of a traditional on-premise solution.

Reduced IT costs

The housing association will reduce the in-house IT cost of managing and maintaining their repair system so that they can focus on the job of delivering an optimum repairs service. ROCC, as their preferred software and infrastructure provider, has the best knowledge and skills in maintaining a robust and high performing system and are providing a fully managed service covering both the application software and infrastructure.

Business Continuity

A detailed disaster recovery plan was implemented so that the business will easily be able to carry on in the event of an incident.  The software and infrastructure will continue to run automatically and in accordance with stringent SLA’s and business continuity plan. Furthermore, staff will easily be able to access data and applications from re-located offices or from home and on any device.

Proactive Software and Infrastructure Performance Monitoring

As ROCC have provided a fully managed service, proactive server, software and database monitoring is conducted in real-time ensuring that the service delivered is fully optimised and available even during hardware upgrades and maintenance.

Posted: 22nd of October 2020


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