Uniclass Mobile Gas Servicing Module

gasmodule.pngOrganisations required to carry out gas safety inspections can now do so easily and comprehensively with our new mobile gas safety module. This is just one of the wide range of modules available within our Uniclass Mobile solution.

The Uniclass Mobile application will show the operative attending the property a full list of all appliances present, where they are located, any safety warnings and all supporting information needed to enable them to carry out a comprehensive inspection.

Inspections of the appliances at a property are quick and simple to complete using a wizard that is fully configurable and presents the operative with a list of questions and
answers to work through regarding the safety of the appliance.

mobile.pngThe whole Gas Servicing module is specifically designed for mobile and touch screens and workers are able to quickly and easily capture all relevant information about the state of the appliance being inspected and ensure this is fed back to the office in real time to allow the production of Landlords Gas Safety records.

If new appliances are found during an inspection, the operative is able to add this directly from the mobile device to feed into the back office system. Operatives are led through a diagnostic wizard to clearly identify the type of device and record all relevant information such as its make, model, serial number, current status and condition.

Operatives carrying out Gas Servicing in properties where the mobile signal strength is poor or non-existent can continue to work as the Uniclass Mobile solution enables full offline working, capturing all data entered by the operative and automatically synching it to the back office systems when the operative returns to an area with a 3G or 4G signal.

More information can be found about our mobile working solution here: Uniclass Mobile

Posted: 12th of December 2014


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