Protect your organisation against malware

Did you know that over 90% of malware comes from reputable websites?

ROCC can help you eliminate Web Malware and fend off cyber-attacks with the new Bloxx Secure Web Gateway.

Secure your network.

The Bloxx Secure Web Gateway incorporates Sophos's award-winning anti-malware to deliver unrivalled security and zero-day protection from over 80% of new threats.

Sophos's Behavioural Genotype technology analyses patterns in code behaviour, and works in combination with Bloxx's Tru-View Technology to provide you with the industry's fastest and most accurate protection against malware.

To find out how effective the Bloxx Secure Web Gateway is at eliminating malware, contact us now for an online demo.

ROCC partners with best of breed technology providers to ensure that ROCC solutions are based on the leading products on the market today.

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Posted: 22nd of May 2013


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