Getting repairs 'right first time' is high up on many organisations' priority lists.

Reserve your seat for our free webinar on  “Repairs reporting – Getting it 'right first time”

In order for operatives to achieve ‘right first time’ they need the right information to successfully complete all jobs.  One of the key factors to increasing ‘right first time’ repairs is diagnosing the repair correctly on a customer portal and at contact centres.

On this webinar we will cover the following topics:

- how diagnosing repairs affects 'right first time' targets
- the benefits of image based repairs reporting
- the ideal platform for your customers to report repairs
- the role of the contact centre
- how 'right first time' affects customer satisfaction and business targets

Customers are the centre of your organisation, so join our webinar to learn additional ways their experience can be improved.

Date: 29th July 2020
Time: 11am
If you can’t make the 29th July please email

Posted: 6th of July 2020


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