ROCC & Colt partnership

The ROCC / Colt partnership provides businesses with a vast range of ICT services to colt.pnghelp them address any challenges and meet their business strategic goals. As one of UK’s leading IT infrastructure and technology integrators and a fully trained Colt partner, ROCC customers can leverage the full suite of technology solutions from a single provider.

Our partnership with Colt means our customers receive the combined expertise of both companies, flexibility in networking and data solutions, increased system availability and tailored cloud based IT services. Customers also benefit from ROCC‘s professional services team who can design, deliver and deploy IT solutions and receive support through our UK based support desk.

The partnership is underpinned by a comprehensive training programme, technical and commercial support, product development and market trends analysis. This ensures we are equipped to guide our customers on their current and future IT requirements.

Posted: 13th of February 2015


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