ROCC awarded competitive cloud based property management tender from one of the UK’s largest housing associations.

The cloud hosted ‘1 property system’ will support continued business transformation now and in the future!

The housing association, which was involved in a recent merger, already has in excess of 60,000 properties and 800 operatives but has plans to grow this to 90,000 properties with over 1600 operatives. One of their key business strategies is to deploy an ambitious business transformation plan that supports this significant growth programme. The project will:

  • Deploy a ‘1 property solution’ vision where the entire works and property management process are merged into a single unified system.
  • Deliver an integrated and future proofed IT system - improving operating efficiencies thus increasing financial strength and resilience to enable more asset development.
  • Reduce the number of software systems used across the whole business to ensure that all areas of the business are working on unified processes thus improving efficiency and consistency.
  • Engage with IT system experts allowing the housing association to focus on their core business rather than on IT.


The cloud hosted ‘1 property system’ will support continued business transformation now and in the future!

How did ROCC win this competitive tender?

There were a number of key aspects that the housing association were looking for; 

The system will support the business for the future, allowing flexible scalability for their ambitious growth plans.   The ‘plug and play’ solution will support the easy introduction of new products, modules and processes to deliver all current and future business transformation programmes.  The customer can bring in new elements to the system, change existing parts of it and they can even plug in a system that is hosted on a different platform.

ROCC will provide a fully managed cloud solution that is scalable and has a guaranteed minimum of 99.8% availability. The pro-active maintenance, management & support service will run 24/7 365 to all users.

The project needs to be delivered at pace and the winning organisation needed to have a proven track record of rapid project delivery, something that ROCC excels in.

The housing association will not find themselves in the situation in the future where they want a new product from a different supplier and it doesn’t integrate fully with their ‘1 property’ system.

Our outstanding cloud solution is supported by our key strategic partners, who are some of the best providers in the industry: Iomart, Kirona and Xynomix

Peter Luck, Director of Operations at ROCC said “I am really excited and proud of the team that will deliver this project.  It’s been a fantastic joint team effort from ROCC & our partners. This project will help the housing association to deliver a world class service to their tenants."

Andrew Westhead, Business Director ITC at ROCC said “The ROCC solution design has brought to our client the best elements of SAAS efficiencies and best practices, along with the flexibility of a tailored platform that will deliver high performance and scalability.  With our focus on providing a pro-actively monitored managed service, ROCC and our partners will be aiming to exceed expectations and deliver an industry leading solution."

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Posted: 11th of April 2019


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