ROCC launch new Social Housing Asbestos Module

Save time and money by using ROCC’s new asbestos module for social housing. asbestos_icon.jpgThis module helps housing organisations manage the asbestos process by providing an asbestos inventory and ensuring the details are displayed to operatives on either their printed job-sheet or direct to their mobile if a mobile workforce solution is utilised.

The new module includes the ability to store and report on Asbestos information against a specific property/dwelling.

The data is stored in Uniclass Social Housing in a dedicated module specifically built to hold key asbestos information such as:

  • Physical Extent typically detailing the surface area affected
  • Grading of the Extent of damage
  • How likely the asbestos is to be disturbed from a day to day perspective
  • Human Exposure Potential
  • How the data was obtained.  This could be by an Asbestos Survey or the information may be cloned from another like or similar property.  An example of this is a row of ten houses where one has been surveyed and found to have asbestos.  As a result the others in the row are assumed to have asbestos.  In this scenario the surveyed house would state the Quality of Data Capture was a survey with the remaining nine houses being ‘Clone Presumed’.
  • Condition of Asbestos
  • Location.  This can be vital information to an operative attending the property as it will allow them to be confident they can carry out a repair without going near asbestos.  On the other extent it can highlight the fact that their safety could be compromised.
  • Material, Priority and Risk scores can also be passed from the Asbestos system.  These can be used for management purposes but do not get included in any interface to mobile working.

Access to the above information is a powerful tool in ensuring operatives are aware of the asbestos location and extent thus allowing informed decisions and a duty of care to be made.

The above information can be provided to the operative in the field on a mobile device. 

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Posted: 1st of July 2015


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