Social Housing organisations today are inundated with information and lengthy processes. 

process_optimisation.jpgA key challenge is how to remain agile while still ensuring continuous business improvements in terms of service offerings and delivery.

ROCC, as a leading supplier of high quality software solutions and services to the Social Housing sector, has extended their innovative suite of solutions to help our clients streamline their business processes. We deliver measurable value to our clients by reducing operating costs and speeding up processes whilst helping them to provide the highest levels of service.
With ROCC’s Process Optimisation solutions our clients can have instant access to information, simple integration between the systems, minimal user training, reduced costs, quicker processing of information and improved customer service all making a fundamental difference to their success in achieving their vision.

ROCC’s Process Optimisation solutions can:

  • Solve the problem of processing supplier invoices and ensuring accurate job costs are posted to the repair job in a timely and accurate way, with ROCC’s Invoice Process solution.
  • Provide immediate and secure access to your documents from any of your business systems with ROCC’s easily integrated EDRM solution, along with mobile access for field workers.
  • Let your data work for you by providing visibility of Business Information (BI) across the organisation.
  • Speed the flow of information through your organisation with ROCC’s Digital Mailroom solution which will in turn reduce costs, support compliance, and help to achieve SLAs.

ROCC’s solutions can be provided both on premise and as secure cloud solutions.


Posted: 15th of March 2016


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