ROCC Mailcleans it's 72 millionth email (and has stopped 55.4 million spam or virus emails)

These pretty staggering numbers were revealed by ROCC Business Development Manager, Paul Jones, who comments ' Since we introduced these innovative services in 2009 it has proved very successful with our clients. It seemed appropriate to take a step back and measure the magnitude of the service, even we were a little surprised at the figures!''

ROCC’s innovative service reads, sorts and if necessary quarantines spam, virus and unwanted emails through our own datacenter. Producing hourly or daily reports on the emails that have been stopped, the MailClean service also ensures no emails are lost.

ROCC MailClean is part of a portfolio of value added services in our ITC business including managed anti virus, business continuity call plan and many more.

ROCC is a major supplier of managed IT services and infrastructure projects to both the private and public sectors. ROCC’s customer base includes many housing associations, leisure trusts, commercial companies and government bodies.

What to do next

Posted: 9th of May 2013


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