ROCC’s tailored software solution has completed its initial roll-out to unite and enhance Thirteen’s repairs and maintenance service to residents.

ROCC’s Uniclass Repairs & Maintenance solution has been implemented across Thirteen’s stock of 34,000 homes which stretch from North Tyneside to York, assisting to improve customer service for 70,000 customers.

ROCC has completed the initial first phase of the project for responsive repairs, with the second phase on day-to-day cyclical works to be completed by March 2018.

Uniclass has enabled a consistent approach to responsive and programmed demands, emergencies and appointments supporting Thirteen, which recently consolidated its group structure from Emirus Housing, Housing Hartlepool, Tees Valley Housing, Tristar Homes and Thirteen Care and Support to Thirteen in July 2017.

Uniclass Housing Repairs delivers up-to-date information where it is needed to support operatives and customers, reaching out across secure internet and mobile networks, assisting Thirteen’s 450 operatives to deliver a more efficient service to customers, as well as a streamlined process.

Russell Thompson, Executive Director of Property Services for Thirteen, said: “This has been a really strong implementation with ROCC who have heavily resourced our partnership. ROCC has a strong depth of knowledge. Our work with ROCC will enhance our repairs system, helping us to improve our service even further for customers and support our commitment to growing our business. We chose ROCC as an expansion of our journey, meeting customer needs and expectations. We are keen to expand systems to support internal and external growth, so we can deliver a one stop-shop bringing in new services. We hope this will be a seamless approach we can use for other contracts in the future.”

Nicola Brown, Sales Director for ROCC, added: “We are delighted this has been a successful initial implementation with Thirteen. The vision of the repairs service Thirteen is striving to provide is one we embrace and we are delighted that Thirteen has recognised the benefits and efficiencies our software can deliver, which will be monitored over the next three to six months.”




Posted: 19th of October 2017


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