Sencio on the move

sencio.gifSevenoaks Leisure Ltd (Sencio) have used ROCC for their Corporate IT Requirements since 2005 when they successfully moved from council-controlled services to their own systems.

They have remained in Sevenoaks DC-owned premises until the council needed the site for development purposes.

Consequently, Sencio management had to look elsewhere for suitable accommodation for its 15 or so administrative staff. After an initial search of the town-centre proved fruitless, the new CEO, Jane Parish saw the benefits of moving her people a quarter of a mile away into Sevenoaks Leisure Centre where the Sencio servers were already situated.

This would, however, involve considerable building work to create the new accommodation and a difficult shift of the organisations IT.
The time-pressure created by the site development meant that the re-cabling work and transfer of the equipment had to be interleaved with the building construction activity. (Sencio had to quit the existing building by 1st May). ROCC were charged with managing the transfer of the IT. Early April saw the new premises re-modelled and the cabling work completed. By 17th May the staff and all their equipment was transferred.

Having overcome this difficult challenge just as she started this new role, Jane’s summary on ROCC’s performance was:
“With such tight deadlines, ROCC managed the move very smoothly with minimal disruption”

Posted: 22nd of October 2013


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