Sencio Refreshes it's IT

Sencio (Sevenoaks Leisure Ltd) has been a ROCC customer since 2005 when the Trust first engaged sencio.gifROCC to help with the transition of the IT function from the Local Authority to its own control.

Some of the servers originally installed at this time are still doing sterling service but it is has now become necessary to move the IT infrastructure to a new level to take advantage of greater power and lower running costs.

The upgrade follows the original ROCC strategy to replace desktop PCs with low-cost, maintenance-free thin clients all powered by a central group of servers, as this approach has served the organisation well over the years.

ROCC have moved Sencio to the new Dell VRTX server - a remarkable innovation in that it combines several independent physical servers and a huge block of storage space in one small  convenient cabinet, consuming very little power and requiring no special cooling. The entire system is managed remotely from ROCC's offices. ROCC have teamed this central processing power with a new low-cost network with automated backup of essential connections.

Posted: 26th of June 2014


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