Report Housing Repairs from Anywhere at Anytime

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new tenant and citizen engagement application, Uniclass MyRepairs.

Uniclass MyRepairs is a powerful new tenant engagement tool for social housing organisations.

The MyRepairs application provides social housing tenants a simple to use and flexible solution that enables them to report new repair requests and enquire on existing and historic repairs to their homes in real time and from all the devices they may use.

Reporting a repair to a housing organisation has never been simpler and tenants can access the service regardless of whether they are using an iPhone on the train or a SmartTV in their living room.


Reporting a Repair … Easy as 1,2,3

Social housing tenants can step through the simple to use and completely customisable graphical diagnostics wizard to ensure the correct details are captured and reported to the housing organisation.

All property details are checked and verified and the tenant can add extra information relating to their repair request, including uploading photographs.

The tenant can then easily select request an appointment date and time when an operative is available to visit their property to carry out the repair.

24/7 Fully Accessible Tenant Service

As the tenant is not reliant on a social housing organisations contact centre to be open, repair requests can be reported and enquired upon in real time 24 hours a day.

Uniclass MyRepairs is fully accessible to all tenants and can be accessed from all modern devices from smart phones and tablets to laptops and smart TV’s.

The tenant is also always helped and guided by the application throughout the reporting of their repair. On screen prompts, customisable context sensitive help and translation to their preferred language ensures all tenants are able to use the service.

Up and Running in Minutes
Uniclass MyRepairs supports deployment both on premise and to the cloud and provides integration to housing management systems at the appropriate level for any organisation.

In a “Simple Mode” deployment, housing organisations can provide an online repairs reporting tool in minutes with quick deployment to the internet with repair requests captured and emailed to contact centre staff.

In an “Integrated Mode” deployment the application provides real time integration to any existing back office repairs or housing management systems via standard published API’s.

In both simple and integrated deployments, Uniclass My Repairs provides a fast to setup, simple to use and secure solution to allow tenants to report new requests and enquire on existing repairs.

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Posted: 29th of April 2015


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