Manage subcontractors in real time with Uniclass Subcontractor Portal

The Uniclass Subcontractor Portal from ROCC enables housing associations, social landlords and contractors to fully digitise their subcontractor processes for managing housing repairs.

Although many organisations have sophisticated housing management systems available to in-house staff many of these organisations still rely on communication via email, telephone or printed documents to obtain services from subcontractors for housing repairs.

The end to end management of subcontractors carrying out work for an organisation can be time consuming, have a high risk of manually inputted data containing errors and will not give managers a real time view of work being planned and completed.

The Uniclass Subcontractor Portal can be deployed by organisations via the internet to allow their subcontractors to securely receive, update and complete housing repairs jobs. The portal has been specifically designed using easy to use wizards to make the process of completing housing repairs simple and to minimise mistakes and delays through inaccurate data capture.

Some of the key benefits of the subcontractor portal are:-uniclasssubcontractorportal.png

  • Completely digitise the completion of housing repairs work by subcontractors
  • Ensure data is secure and only accessible by authorised subcontractors
  • Allow subcontractors to begin using the system with zero training
  • Ensure subcontractors are made aware of all work related information such as health and safety advice and cautions
  • Reduce mistakes through wizard based processes driven by the portal
  • Allow subcontractors to receive and update work in real time via PC’s, tablets and even SmartTV’s
  • Provide all the information a subcontractor needs including supporting documents, videos, photographs and maps

In addition, the portal can be used by organisations as a way to communicate their policies and procedures with subcontractors via global messaging, document sharing and video streaming.
The Uniclass Subcontractor Portal is just a small piece in the jigsaw of the comprehensive ROCC Uniclass Housing Repairs software suite. To find out more about all of our software please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Posted: 23rd of October 2014


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