Working together wins awards

Putting its people first has enabled a Brighton-based organisation to gain a nationally accredited award.iip_v3.png

ROCC, a software and IT systems company, was awarded the lnvestors in People Standard for the way they develop, support and motivate their team.

The lnvestors in People framework, which is suitable for organisations of any size and in any sector, transforms business performance through people, helping companies to achieve their objectives by targeting specific priorities within the organisation.

Luke Aldrich, Chief Executive of ROCC, said: “The IIP is an important management tool that allows us to assess both the financial well being of the business and the well being of our staff, we are very pleased to have passed the standard again.”

ROCC is a major supplier of software solutionsmanaged IT services and infrastructure projects to both the private and public sectors. ROCC’s customer base includes many housing associations, leisure trusts, commercial companies and government bodies. These include Newport City Homes, Nottingham City Homes, Tandridge District Council, North Devon Homes, the London Borough of Wandsworth, Sandwell Leisure trust, EDF Energy and The House of Lords.

Operating successfully for over 30 years ROCC is based in Brighton.

Organisations that have achieved the lnvestors in People Standard generally have lower staff turnover and sickness rates, lower recruitment costs and a reduced likelihood of litigation. In addition, they tend to have increased levels of profitability, employee engagement and productivity.

John Telfer, Managing Director of Inspiring Business Performance Ltd (IBP), the organisation that delivers lnvestors in People for London and the South, said: "ROCC should be congratulated for the way in which management and staff have come together to produce real results. I hope other organisations in the industry will look to them as a great example of what can be achieved."

To find out more about IBP and the benefits of lnvestors in People, visit , email  or call 0800 612 3098.

About lnvestors in People:
Investors in People offers a practical, flexible and easy to use framework for improving business productivity, performance and competitiveness in organisations of all types and sizes through good practice in people management.

An organisation that has achieved Investors in People has been successful in adopting and maintaining its three fundamental principles:

  • Plan - developing strategies to improve the performance of the organisation, from business goals to leadership strategies;
  • Do - implementing those strategies, taking action to improve the performance of the organisation;
  • Review - evaluating and adjusting those strategies, measuring their impact on the performance of the organisation.

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills has strategic ownership of the Investors in People framework. Investors in People is part of the UK Commission's ambition to improve skills, employment and productivity across the UK.

Posted: 20th of July 2015


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